EPoS Software

iControl’s LP:suite of Electronic Point Of Sale (EPoS) software is a fully integrated range of applications designed to help you get the most out of your business - from a café through to fine dining. It is packed with features and functionality as standard. With its flexible, open design and intelligent technology it is ready to meet your needs.

You can download a PDF of our LP:suite product info sheet here (1.76MB) Or complete our on-line Enquiry form

Customisation built-in

The iControl LP:suite lets you enhance its graphical interface; its overall design for a location, menus and even employee security rights. You can customise button layouts, system colours, fonts, icons and language—all to suit your operation and style.
You have complete control over timing of changes to products, menus and other terminal information, exactly when you decide, per each terminal.

Speedy & Accurate Service

iControl’s LP:suite features are specifically designed for you to optimise your customer service. Process orders quickly and efficiently whilst remaining in control, all the way through from order to bill settlement.

Floor Management

LP:suite’s At-A-Glance table monitoring let’s you:
EPoS Monitoring  Quickly see all of your floor’s, even to individual guest’s, service status
Table Management  Traffic light system for Starters-Away, Mains-Away and other table status
EPoS Staff Management  Assign specific staff to a table
EPoS Table timing  Monitor table service times
Graphical Table Plan  Display every floor plan at every terminal
Fast EPoS  Open and post transactions with ease

Resilient and Secure

Keep operations running smoothly with increased security and built-in resilience. Terminals and even remote sites remain operational with iControl's EPoS even in unexpected or planned down-time periods of the BackOffice or Server.
Set security requirements for EPoS operations for complete control over your staff, cash and inventory.

Peripheral Interfaces

Offering a variety of additional interfaces, iControl’s LP:suite is adaptable to an extensive range of add-on tools, such as:
EPoS Dallas keys  Dallas Key/iButton Security
EPoS Mag Stripe  Mag’ Stripe & Smart Card readers
EPoS Multi-Drawer  Multiple Cash Drawers
EPoS Bar Code  Scanners for bar code accuracy
EPoS Scales  Scales for weighted items
EPoS Bar Control  Electronic bar control systems
EPoS Security  Biometric devices (finger print)

Easy Management

Manage EPoS terminal functions from LP:suite’s BackOffice or on-the-spot at a terminal if you need to.
Quickly change prices, menu buttons, daily specials and other functions all, of course, controlled by strict user security rights.

Rapid Workflow

Process orders quickly. LP:suite is designed to maximise the speed and accuracy of your staff to suit your operation. Multi-sale, Multi sign-in and Floating-clerk transactions are all standard features.
Communicate immediately and efficiently with the kitchen and preparation areas using our intelligent Kitchen Display System (KDS) or dedicated order-slip printing.


Easily process fast-food and telephone orders with LP:suite, using:
EPoS Caller ID  Caller Line Identification (CLI)
EPoS PostCode  Post Code lookups
EPoS Address Mapping  Location mapping
EPoS Labelling  Order package labelling
EPoS Cash Control  Delivery Staff order and change slips
EPoS Cashing  Cash-belt float handling


Our LP:suite mobile EPoS devices seamlessly integrate with traditional EPoS terminals on the same network.
It’s all made possible because iControl's LP:suite EPoS is built on resilient, industry standard software from Microsoft.

Handhelds are perfect to help you:
EPoS Mobile PDA  Take table-side orders and pass to kitchen quickly
EPoS Mobile PDA  Deal with order issues immediately
EPoS Mobile PDA  Provide attentive, helpful and rapid customer service
EPoS Mobile PDA  Keep staff visible on the floor
EPoS Mobile PDA  Reduce/eliminate crowding at fixed EPoS terminals

Customised to your needs

Manage your EPoS estate using iControl’s LP:suite BackOffice.

Regardless of size, keep tighter control over your business with:
EPoS Management  Comprehensive detail reports on sales, labour and inventory
EPoS Management  Summary reports for speed reading
EPoS Management  Extensive levels of security
EPoS Management  Employee Time and Attendance
EPoS Management  Customise EPoS terminal functionality and appearance
EPoS Management  Manage menu and product changes

Top-Level Inventory Control

Inventory reports can be run either in real-time or post-trading depending on your business model.
Set Maximum and Minimum quantities to ensure you maintain balanced and efficient inventory levels. Quickly set countdown values for any item—standard or daily specials and promotions.
Minimise waste, maintain consistency and maximise profits using LP:suite’s powerful “Method” and “Product info” functionality for recipes. Even display pictures of completed product on the EPoS terminal screen to help with presentation.

LP:suite’s full inventory management includes:
arrow  Manage purchases and in-coming deliveries
arrow  Multiple Bar Codes
arrow  Scanners for inventory management
arrow  Transfers and Adjustments
arrow  Order reporting


LP:suite’s Reports Menu features key reports and hundreds of variations.
Quickly get a real view of your daily operations. Tailor the reports to fit your operation; highlight slow-moving product and analyse labour costs.

Moreover, benefit from these features:
arrow  Automatic End-of-Day reports: LP:suite can process and print any required reports at the End-of-Day automatically
arrow  Export reports to a 3rd party application
arrow  Email reports automatically at the End-of-Day
arrow  Access favourite reports in your own customised report lists

Centralised Web Reporting

Extending the power of LP:suite; our web reporting - ICReports provides all the key management reports for single to multi-site operations.
Hosted on our dedicated secure server, centralised EPoS reporting is now available around-the-clock and from anywhere you have an internet connection. 
Download a PDF of our iReports Web Reporting product info sheet here (285KB)

Accounting and PMS Interface

LP:suite can interface to your Nominal and Sales Ledgers, saving considerable time and help eliminate human error. You will no longer have to re-enter data into your accounting application.
Compatible with Sage, Accpac, Pegasus, Microsoft Accounting and more. LP:suite also interfaces with most proprietary Property Management Systems (PMS):

Using iControl LP :suite will help you with:
arrow  Creating balanced accounting from its BackOffice
arrow  Auditable accounting entries
arrow  Run Batch or Real-Time Outputs
arrow  Integrate with your PMS accounting
arrow  Do external Guest/Customer/Supplier account Lookups

Specialist Interfaces

iControl has a Special Projects division. Its focus is providing clients with consultancy services and integration development of our LP:suite EPoS product into their operation.
Services division information page here....