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What is iControl's LP :suite?

iControl's LP :suite is an intuitive, easy-to-use, very powerful and reliable Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) system for bars; clubs; restaurants; and hotels of all sizes.  Based on the latest technology, it's designed to be the most affordable, innovative and advanced EPoS system available to the Hospitality and Leisure industry today.
Yet our systems are really flexible (us too) and we really do do the integration stuff with other systems that others shy away from.  In fact, we are the EPoS engine power-house for some well known hospitality industry names..., behind the scenes of course.  To give you an idea; we have connectors to hotel PMS such as Micros and SoftBrands; seamless integration with Conference, Banqueting and Events management with Kinetix; we exchange data with Kaba's Room Access (KeyCards) control system; take real-time, on-screen, in-room guest orders with iBAHN's ETVi; and soon will be the BackOffice EPoS core for the amazing iServe kiosk from Restaurant Innovations

Why should I choose your software?

iControl's LP :suite thinks like a manager so restaurateurs don’t need to waste time trying to think like a software designer. We don't make the usual claim like "designed by for restaurateurs for restaurateurs" .  We're fortunate enough to talk with lots of people, on a daily basis, who run many different types of hospitality businesses, and their input is far more comprehensive than a single individual's idea of what an EPoS system ought to be.
Plus, our systems are built to work; Today.  Tomorrow when we need to update, upgrade or enhance your system with new features you have the assurance you will get these as part of your support & maintenance agreement with us.  So, you're secure in the knowledge that your investment with us will never be just a one-off.  It's an investment in the future success of your business and we are very mindful of this.

Just how easy is it to use?

Very easy.  Most users can be trained in about 10 to 15 minutes to use the basic floor functions – setting up tickets, placing orders, splitting tickets and etc.  Managers find that they can set up their menus, discounts, and policies in a single afternoon.  Imagine being able to train your staff during a demo!

How complicated is it to do things like split tickets?

Not at all.  Servers can split tickets, share menu items, and add special requests to tickets in a single step. All of the tools they need are right there on the order screen; making it quicker to use.

Why should I feel secure doing business with iControl?

We can prove why you should.  All our systems are designed to be secure, offer high reliability and performance. Under-lying our applications is a robust architecture, possibly one of the most advanced on the market, and something usually only found in more expensive systems. What this means to you is that our system can easily handle even the largest operations and won’t crash just because your restaurant has a busy Friday night.  For example; we have a multi-mode venue customer who regularly transacts around 10,000 items per night across their several bars and restaurants through 17+ terminals and handhelds; manages Membership; Loyalty points; Admissions; and to top it all uses our integrated Chip and PIN integration for Credit Card payments.

Do I need to buy proprietary hardware to run your applications?

Absoultely not! LP :suite runs on standard EPoS and PC hardware and the Windows Operating System and includes WEPOS; which is a Windows enhancement specifically for EPoS, and you don’t have to buy expensive proprietary hardware which means you can get hardware products that fit your requirements and your budget.

What kind of connection do I need to process credit cards?

iControl features direct interfaces to award-winning CommIdea and Yes Pay Chip & PIN systems; two of the industry's leaders, without the need for a 3rd party's middleware. For all others, we offer integration services.
For all options, a reliable, always-on internet connection like DSL or higher is needed. Dial up modems have been used successfully though we no longer offer this method for new sign-ups.

Do I need a Back Office computer?

Depends.  Certain management functions can be run from a terminal, if needed, but it's not recommended.  This is more to do with operational needs than our software's capabilities.
On the other hand; our eLP : Enterprise version, from our LP :suite, must have a Server as it designed for enterprise-wide, multi-site use and needs SQL Server to run.
Running our BackOffice on a separate PC means managers can be more effective and not crowd the EPoS terminal during opening times to setup products or run reports for example.

Can your system expand to meet the needs of my fast-growing business?

Certainly. Our systems can be used for any bar or restaurant, large or small.  As you extend menus, expand staffing, and add new locations, our systems have the capacity to grow with your business.  From a chef-owned independent restaurant to a chain,LP :suite scales easily to meet your needs.

Does your software track sales of things like my Daily Specials?

Of course.  With our special function, and the investment of a few minutes of your time you can set how many Daily Specials are available, keep track of how sold, how many remain, and easily track sales using the standard Sales reports.

Can I track Sales and Costs over a long period of time?

Always.  All of the data you enter in LP :suite remains available.  So if you decide in five years to run a report for specific date range in the past, the data is accessible; you may view data for any period you choose.  It's now possible for you to view your data your way, making long-term planning and budgeting easier.

How can I protect important data from unauthorised access?

LP :suite makes it easy to restrict access in many ways. For example; using a PIN code, Dallas key or Magnetic Stripe Card at a terminal will allow only certain staff to access certain functions.  Security settings are controlled in the BackOffice and can be set for any individual or group as and when needed.

Can your software help me with Timesheets and Staff Messaging?

Yes.  Employees are automatically clocked in when they log into LP :suite and are clocked-out at the end of their shift.  Managers and Supervisors can use the easy-to-generate reporter to see daily personal activity, per user, which even show tip totals.
Message broadcasts about specials, warnings, and even good news can be sent to all tills in an instant from the BackOffice.

How do you think I would get on using your system?

All our applications are designed to be as easy as possible for you to use and maintain.  In the early days; we'll help you and your staff settle in as quickly as possible with your new system and we'll be with you every step of the way. Our support and maintenance team is there to help when you get stuck.  And afterwards; we are there when you need us.
The combined power, flexibility, reliability, and affordability of iControl's LP :suite, coupled with first-class support, and all at a fair and reasonable price to boot, really is a hard proposition to ignore if you're looking for that new EPoS system.

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